Frank White got it right when he recognized the transformative effect that visually experiencing the whole earth can have on an individual's consciousness. Astronauts have consistently remarked that the things that divide the world population appear insignificant when viewed from 250 miles away from the planet. The Overview film produced by Planetary Collective was inspired by Frank's seminal work, The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution. The film is probably the best way to experience the Overview Effect short of actually flying into space ourselves. 

Without much effort the Overview film has received over 2.6 million plays since it was posted on Vimeo in December. This is a film, however,  that deserves to be seen by everyone. Please watch it if you haven't already and share it as widely as possible. Whatever we can do to move our collective consciousness to a World-centric perspective from a nation-centric one will serve to bring our planet closer to balance and stability. This film is a huge step in that direction.