I came across this well produced video that captures much of the essential elements of the philosophy of The Obligation. The fellow in the video does a wonderful job. 


This is my first visit on your blog. I have bookmarked your blog to visit again in the future. Very good writing. Keep posting..

06/18/2017 7:48pm

i have never been there. seems like it's miles a great place to live. Am I right?

06/24/2017 1:19am

Just like your opinion, I love the video you posted! There are unfamiliar elements for me that I find interesting. Gaia Theory might sound really odd to others, but once you chose to know every aspect of it, you'll see how interesting ti could be. At first, I don't the desire to know it, but after watching the video, my curiosity was tapped and I knew that I should start reading some stuff about it!


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